Dr. C. B. and Jeanette Hastings

This web site contains information on Dr. Carroll Brownlow (C.B.) and Jeanette Allard Hastings and their family.  Dr. Hastings was a Baptist pastor, Army Chaplin, writer, and educator.  He lived and worked Illinois, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee.
Jeanette Allard Hastings was a school teacher, SS teacher, church staffperson, and someone who loved all things especially plants and people.
C. B. and Jeanette (Allard) had five children (John, Larry, Nancy, Abigail, Roger) during their 60+ years of marriage.
Dr. C. B. Hastings Pastor, Army Chaplin, writer, educator, father
Jeanette Allard Hastings Wife, writer, educator, mother
Ryan Clark Hastings Son, brother, student (Larry Hastings' son)
Hastings Family Writings
Dr. C. B. Hastings Various Writing of a Pastor, author, educator
Rev L. T. Hastings Autobiography of Pastor, educator (C. B. Hastings' father)
Phyllis Ragsdale Allard History by Jeanette Hastings' Mother
Marked for Life: A Prison Chaplain's Story Book about prison ministry by Rev Nancy Hastings Sehested
J. P. Brownlow Jr. Autobiography of Civil War soldier (C.B. Hastings relative)
Religious Sites
Charles Dickson Ministry Rev Charles Dickson retired Baptist Missionary to Brasil (John's Father-in-law)
Prayer and Politiks Site founded by Rev Ken Sehested (John's Brother-in-law), pastor, author, peace advocate and mediator
Circle of Mercy Church founded and co-pastored by Rev Ken and Rev Nancy Hastings Sehested (John's Brother-in-law and Sister)
Walnut Creek Baptist Church Church pastored by Ray Waugh (Helen's Brother-in-law)
Ministry Server Religious information collected by Ray Waugh (Helen's Brother-in-law), pastor and teacher
Sites of Interest
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