Dr. Carroll Brownlow (CB) Hastings
March 5, 1916 - December 18, 2006
Call to Worship
Abigail Hastings

Rumored to have been a monk in a former life,
surrounded by books and manuscripts and candles,
- lots of candles -
illuminating the words and work that he loved;

Thought to be a scientist in some future life,
challenging his mind with insatiable thirsts
to know more and to understand more
of what the Creator intended in atom and cosmos;

Today we gather to bear witness to the life that was lived,
to a man who made a bargain with God, as many do,
on a sickbed and near death
in exchange for recovery; but the result of this particular wager

was a call that this young man answered
with all his mind, heart, soul and strength.

Not a perfect man, yet he perfectly labored
to know what God would have him do; not an easy man,
but he engaged life’s uneasy questions and wrestled with them

to gain the blessing of a life filled with purpose and meaning.

We are blessed by your presence with us today; thank you
for this time together where we join with you in
celebration of a life, and in joyful anticipation
of God’s healing Spirit surrounding and enfolding us
even now, in this hour, and in this place.