Dr. Carroll Brownlow (CB) Hastings
March 5, 1916 - December 18, 2006
Larry Hastings Tribute

CB Scholar and Leader

Dad's passion for learning has always been apparent to everyone around him. I constantly hear from people that your father taught me so much. He excelled in school and although he loved sports his size prevented him from playing much football although we are still amazed that he was a center for the team at one point. His rise to academics we are convinced was also nurtured and encouraged by his father, Luther.

Dad's journey of school, the ministry, and the armed services proved early on that he not only had creative ways to educate people but he also had one of the most important characteristics of leadership which is Vision. Dad was also one not to do education LITE he definitely wanted things organized, done top-notch, and executed in a scholarly fashion.

A few examples of his leadership and scholarship:

Army days: Dad was put on the AT George Washington when he left for England during World War II and was somehow ended up with seniority and was over all the chaplains in a ship that had over 6,000 troops.

After Seminary in Southern he was called to Marshall Texas as pastor. We were there a couple of years and then Dad was called to be Chaplain at Buckner Orphans Home in Dallas. It was here that AA Hyden encouraged Dad that the staff as well as the orphans needed education and training. This was the beginning of Dad's lifelong love and where his true vision developed in Adult Education,.

Dad could see that Buckner was not going to be long term and he came up with the idea of Baylor extension which were college courses offered in the Dallas area that would be accredited. He developed the vision, sold the idea to Baylor, and insisted teachers had to have masters degrees to teach them. The extension division worked for 4-5 years but Dad never really got the support of Baylor to continue.

Dr Herbert Howard at PCBC in Dallas came to Dad and wanted him to come to Park Cities Baptist Church. This would prove to be one of Dad's greatest leadership roles. Along with Dr. Howard they were convinced that there was a lethargy which they believed to be eroding the intellect in Baptist life. He developed the University of Christian Life. Teacher training was the key component although he combined youth and children. The University was designed to provide every member with a curriculum of Christian study and character development adapted to the needs of the individual. Many of the classes were taught by professionals with advanced degrees from doctors, to attorneys and even seminary professors. More than 1,000 persons were attending each wee

"The visionary approach to Christian education was one of Brownlow Hastings greatest strengths. Dynamic, gentle in spirit, encouraging and gracious, he modeled the excitement and wonder for Christian discipleship to the PCBC family. "

As many of you know Greek was one of Dad's greatest loves. He majored in Greek, wrote a Greek primer and at most every church along the way he offered Greek as something he would teach … including here at Highland Park Baptist Church. You certainly did not want to borrow Dad's bible at church – he always had his Greek Bible.

Dad ... thanks for passing on to so many people a love of learning, a vision for the future, and a love of scripture that promoted in-depth study and reflection. We love you, honor you and cherish all the ways you helped us grow.