Jeanette Allard Hastings
February 2, 1919 - October 27, 2002

Abigail Hastings Tribute


Call to Worship                                               JAH Memorial 11.9.02


There is vesper sparrow

that sings at eventide

it saves its song for close day

and ushers us into the night


Its serenade is our mother’s voice

singing to us still

even now she is here to welcome us

to faith’s sanctuary, this her second home


She would want to know

if you have all you need –

She would want to know

            about your children, your parents


Your plans for the holidays

and if you are traveling

how you pack your suitcase


And while you are gone

who will water your plants

and if you have African violets

do you water them from the saucer

to protect their tender leaves….


And if your legs are short like hers

            she’ll bring you the covered footstool

And if it’s a little hard to sit still

            she’ll sit beside you and draw your hand

Or if you ran around the backyard too long

            you can rest your head in her waiting lap.


She knows we are about life’s hard work

            in our gathering here today

She knows the sadness of letting go

            and what a small hole in the heart feels like


Even so, she would remind us in

            whispered assurances

that the Comforter will come

that we will, in time, know the peace

            that passes all present understanding


And that as she did throughout her life,

She would make even of this hard moment,

a gift, wrapped in a ribbon of faith


And tell us that though this day

            may be over

            and night is drawing nigh

Sweet darkness will enfold us

Bright stars above will guide us

And soon dawn will break again

            with a morning sparrow’s new song.


            - Abigail Hastings