Jeanette Allard Hastings
February 1, 1919 - October 27, 2002

This web site is dedicated to the loving memory of Jeanette Allard Hastings by her family and friends.  These pages can never do justice to Jeanette but serve as reminder of how Jeanette touched all our lives.

Jeanette was a writer and had ambitions early in her life of being a religious writer and journalist. Although she was never was able to follow this calling with published works, she collected a lifetime of writings, research, notes, and articles. Many of the writings are in the form of research notes and unfinished work.

Her family is just now realizing the scope and depth of material that she left for us to discover. The family is working to put together a collection of this material and tributes from those who have know Jeanette over the years.

We plan publish it in a small volume and on this web site.

The Hastings are creating a collection of Jeanette’s writings and tributes and remembrances of her. If you would like to contribute to this project, please send your document to John Hastings at:

Last Updated: October 27, 2004