Jeanette Allard Hastings
February 1, 1919 - October 27, 2002
Writings and Musings

Life’s Progression

Conceived and growing,
I emerged from the womb,
Laid down until I could sit up,
Sat up until I could crawl,
Crawled until I could walk,
Walked until I could run.

I shall run until I must walk,
I shall walk until I must sit,
I shall sit until I must lie down.
I shall like down until
I break the time barrier
And leap into immortality.
- Jeanette Hastings
October 3, 1986

This is a poem that she wrote on the back page of her Bible, dated December, 1993


From Crib, Cross and Crown
The Lord continues to be revealed
In this restless, wicked world.
May we have eyes, ears and hearts
That respond to his daily coming.
- Jeanette Hastings

Would that I could write
some wonderful thing
That would make your
heart sing, sing, sing!
- Jeanette Hastings

The Bible that she carried with her to most church gatherings is the Bible that Dad gave to her in 1941, Christmas day. It is the Helen Barrett Montgomery translation of the New Testament. She loved this translation. Mother’s ribbon marked this page in her Bible, and these words were underlined:

“So take courage, people! I believe God; I believe that things will turn out exactly as it has been told me.” (Acts 27:25)

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