Memorial Service

Dedicated to the Glory of God
and in
Celebration and Thanksgiving for the life of

Ryan Clark Hastings
April 20, 1984 - November 2, 2000


Ryan would be disappointed in me if I didn’t say something provocative. And as I look out on this wonderful gathering, it affirms my belief that it does take a village to raise a child. He will debate me about that latter tonight.

But you have no idea how much it means to us, particularly as an extended and a far-flung family, to know that this community is here. That you helped raise him and loved him, that even if you didn’t know him that you loved so part of his family and that is very dear to us.

Blessing of the Child

God bless the hands that delivered you
God bless the arms that tossed you laughing in the air
God bless the coo upon your baby lips
God bless the curl of your chestnut hair

God bless the mud squished between your toes
God bless your hat of a blue Texas sky
God bless your love of the never-ending story
God bless your love of the question why……

God bless the teacher who rode the racetracks
   of your mind
God bless the nurse that attended your knee
God bless the cook that chicken-fried your steak
God bless the friends who just let you be.

God bless the stranger who smiled at
   your quirky quick wit
God bless the clerk who gasped at the
   deep pools of your eyes
God bless the books, the Navy, the Gameboy,
    the Pit

God bless the debate of true facts and true lies.
God bless the dark hole of our hearts
    that’s the shape of you
God bless our tears that now
   cover the earth
God bless every breath that now
   whispers your name
(just) As we’ve been blessed -
   from the day of your birth.

Poem composed and delivered by Abigail Hastings

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