In Memory of Ryan Clark Hastings and Nancy 'Erin" Adair, 1984-2000

The rain poured down as they drove that night
Unaware of the angels' flight
They turned the corner and like a dash
They saw themselves against the dash
No pain they felt, a sense of breath
A final one they had never sensed
And now as they watched the ground disappear
Their fatigue was gone, their human fear
Was taken by a spirit above
A spirit that embraced them with warmth and love
They felt for each other and knew it was good
They had finally come home, though they always knew they would
And a peaceful light was shining was brighter than ever
A light that they knew would guide them forever

Meanwhile, below
Thing's didn't slow
Instead for their parents and friends and loved ones
Their loss was a shock and numbness at once
No one could believe their ascension
No one could grasp that other dimension
In which they were living so graciously
Unaware of the crying and pleas
That were coming from the crowd on the ground
The crowd that had instinctively gathered around
Their downpour of tears mimicked the rain
And the storms that had all too recently slain
All they could think of was the life that was lost
The soft eyes and hair, the goals they had set
Caregivers, leaders, So much they could get
Yet taken away in the prime of their life
It's easy to see the source of strife

Yet as time passed, the swelling went down
Perspectives 'changed and meaning was found
Purpose, priorities, and people were changed
As they realized that this could happen any day
Those loving departed had faith that one day
They could join together in a spiritual place
They have taught this faith to those left behind
The faith to keep us safe in our minds
We must all be thankful for the love that we're given
We must all feel the faith in a shimmering heaven
We must cherish our victories and learn from our falls
So that we're ready to go when our name is called
Remember the lesson taught that day
Don't let the rain and floods wash it away.

Written by Abby Hicks
Ryan’s friend in Independent Study Mentorship Class
William Howard Taft High School, San Antonio, Texas
November 16, 2000

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