Ryan Clark Hastings
April 20, 1984 - November 2, 2000
About Ryan's Web Site

This web site is dedicated to the loving memory of Ryan Hastings by his family and friends. Ryan's spirit is alive in us because of who he was - a kid of great intelligence, wit, and resilience, a challenging conversationalist, an emerging debater, and perhaps most remarkable given his age - a young man with a clear vision of his future. The loss of those dreams made manifest is a huge one for us; at the same time, we recognize the privilege that has been ours, especially over the past year, to watch one of God's own begin to bloom.

This is a place of celebration most of all - to let you know a little more about Ryan and how we are moving through the loss of him in our lives in a tangible way. People have a tendency in death - particularly of one so young and a death so untimely - to create a memory of someone who didn't exist, meaning, one too good to be true. We would want you to know that we are not celebrating a "Saint Ryan" - for he was a living, breathing, sometimes stubborn and feisty kid. And that's part of what is so humbling about it all - in the midst of all the good and bad of life, with all the formidable challenges that were put in his path, Ryan was able to craft together a life that resonated a positive outlook for the future, one that utilized his gifts as well as reflected a strong sense of his place in history. That kind of courage guides us all.

We invite you to explore this website whether you knew Ryan well or hardly knew him. Our memories take the form of words, pictures, and poems and continues to grow. Perhaps you've come to this site out of curiosity or because you've lost someone you loved. This is just one example of how family and friends can move through profound grief to gather together what's important to them. It's one part of our healing journey. We hope it will prove to be so for you as well.

Whatever else the consequence of Ryan's untimely death reveals, let it be a reminder that we should not let days go by without telling people we love them - not because of the awful truth that we might lose them in a breath tomorrow, but because loving people and telling them we love them is part of what makes life worth living. And knowing that love was shared freely and fully, as was true of us with Ryan, is a great comfort when comfort is needed most.

Last updated: 12/9/2000

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