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Introducing Southern Baptists©
C. B. Hastings
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Part One: The Individual In Relation To His Lord
Chapter One: The Lordship Of Christ
Chapter Two: The Competency Of The Soul

Part Two: The Fellowship Of The Redeemed
Chapter Three: A Baptist Understanding Of Salvation
Chapter Four: A Baptist View Of The Church . . .
Chapter Five: The Symbolism Of The Ordinances

Part Three: The People Called Baptists
Chapter Six: We Are Shaped By Our History
Chapter Seven: We Cooperate Rather Than Legislate As A Denomination
Chapter Eight: We Are Champions Of Religious Liberty
Chapter Nine: We Are Becoming Socially Aware


One: excerpt from "a statement of social principles for Christian social
Concern and Christian social action"
Appendix two: a church covenant
Appendix three: glossary of terms
Appendix four: common questions

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