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C. B. Hastings
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In a ten-year effort of seeking to interpret Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists to each other, many questions by the former keep coming up. Instead of the usual topical Index, the following is offered as a guide to finding answers to the most common questions in the body of this book. Since we are referring solely to Southern Baptists, the words "Baptist" and "Bay fists" will be taken for granted. (Answer key Is on page 153.)


1. Why do they not have authorities to interpret the Bible for them?

2. What is meant by "local church autonomy"?

3. How do they know what is right or wrong?

4. How is the Bible used as authority for the individual?


5. Why do they reject infant baptism?

6. Why do churches "rebaptize" those joining from other denominations?

7. Why do they not anoint the sick?

8. Why do they object to the word "sacrament"?

9. Why do they insist on baptism after a profession of faith?

10. Why do they baptize by immersion only?

11. Why is baptism publicly performed before the congregation?

12. Why are some baptized more than once?

13. Why do they not accept literally "This is my body"?

14. How do they celebrate the Eucharist?

15. How is Christ present in the Supper?

16. How often do they observe the Supper?


17. What is the "church"?

18. How does democracy operate in their churches?

19. How is a new church organized?

20. How is dissent handled?


21. Do they believe in the "Church universal"?

22. What is their attitude toward the ecumenical movement?

23. In what ways do they cooperate with other Christian bodies?

24. Why are they opposed to a U.S. representative to the Vatican?


25. Why do they not have priests?

26. What authority does a pastor have?

27. What is "a call to preach"?

28. Do they insist on a married clergy?

29. How is a minister ordained?

30. How does a church get a new pastor?

31. What do deacons do?

32. How are lay people used in the church?


33. What role do "good works" have in salvation?

34. What does it mean to be "born again"?

35. Why do they claim "once saved, always saved"?

36. What about children who die before they are converted?

37. Why do Baptists seem to be concerned only with "getting saved" or the beginning of the Christian life?


38. Why are they opposed to social drinking?

39. Why are they opposed to governmental aid to education?

40. What has been their stand on the Supreme Court's decision on desegregation of schools?


41. Why do they not pray to Mary and the Saints?

42. What happens in a typical worship service?

43. What is the role of singing in worship?


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